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Social Security Attorney Mitchell Posin, Esq.
Law Offices of Mitchell Posin, Chtd.
(formerly Posin & Posin Law Offices)

Hello. My name is Mitchell Posin. I am a Social Security Disability lawyer practicing in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have been representing claimants for Social Security Disability benefits since 1989. Welcome to my website.

Over the past decades, my firm has represented over two thousand disabled people in Social Security Disability and SSI matters. In the vast majority of those cases, we have obtained favorable decisions from the Administrative Law Judge, and the claimants received the Social Security benefits they had been waiting for. Of course, even though the Law Offices of Mitchell Posin, Chtd, has won many cases in the past, every case is different, so we can never guarantee that we will win your case.  All we can guarantee is that we will fight for you.  In any event, whether you hire our firm or not, I hope the information on this website is helpful.

If you are disabled, and cannot work, you may be entitled to Social Security Disability or SSI benefits of up to $2,000.00 per month, or more.  Many people who apply for such benefits are turned down at first.  Don't give up.  Many of those people have hired the Las Vegas Law Offices of Mitchell Posin, Chtd., and have ultimately received the benefits to which they were entitled.

Unfortunately, the process can be long, and usually requires a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.  Hang in there!
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